At Hernandez & Associates Law Firm, we are experienced attorneys determined to protect your rights. Our attorneys are assertive and unafraid to seek out bold solutions to the issues you face. We strategize with you. Our approach to your situation is designed to empower you, while moving toward a reasonable resolution of your case. Remember, not every case goes to trial and not ever legal situation requires the filing of legal pleadings. We work hard to reach the best solution for your particular situation through education and aggressive representation. Our methods work, whether you are facing a criminal charge(s), a civil suit, divorce, custody issues involving your children, or grandchildren; or whether you are facing some other family law issue, juvenile situation, education law issue, or dealing with probate court, estates, power of attorney documents, adoptions or wills.

Founded in 2007 by attorney Christine C. Hernandez, Hernandez & Associates Law Firm, has fought to equalize the playing field of the justice system since the beginning. Attorney Hernandez began her work in education as a teacher. After a distasteful and dissatisfying experience with the legal system, Christine C. Hernandez taught days and studied nights to earn her Juris Doctorate in law. Today, Hernandez & Associates works together to provide legal representation to individuals who feel unmatched in the legal system; we are actively working toward equalizing justice for you. We use creative legal methods to shield clients facing civil rights infringements, identity theft, family law issue, criminal allegations, divorce, custody disputes and more. To learn more about our attorneys, read their short biographies below:

Hernandez & Associates Law Firm is also aided by our dedicated support staff.


We work to keep you informed from the beginning. At the initial consultation we meet with clients on a one on one basis to better understand your situation. This allows us to draw on our experience to identify which options can best benefit your particular situation. Many clients come to us during a difficult time in their lives. It is our goal to empower clients through education. We walk you through your legal issue step by step. You should have a better understanding of your case and the possible outcomes after a consultation with one of our attorneys. After we begin representation, we work with you, the client, to form the most effective legal strategy for the particular facts and situation you face. We fight hard for fairness in the court room, we fight for equality of treatment, we fight for you. Let be your shield; let us help you help yourself!


Schedule a personal consultation today with one of our attorneys to begin discussing your legal needs. Contact our firm at 1856 Airport Blvd. in Mobile, Alabama, today at (251) 479-1477 or fill out our online contact form.

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Mobile Criminal Defense Lawyer | Family Law | Estate Planning

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