Education laws relate to how our children are treated, educated and protected. Education laws also relate to how our schools operate.  Education laws deal with school administration and school board authority, along with the educational requirements for students.  Education laws involve the interactions of teachers and administrators with each other, as well as the interactions of school staff with parents and students. They cover matters like

  • Educational standards
  • School district and school board authority
  • Student attendance
  • Curriculum
  • Athletics,transportation, discipline and dress code requirements
  • Special needs and IEP’s
  • Bullying

An education lawyer advises students, parents, teachers, school districts and school boards and represents them in disputes. As education lawyers, we think outside the box. We consider the interactions between administrators, students, teachers, and parents.  We assist teachers dealing with difficult working conditions, and job related matters; and we assist parents who have issues with the school system or employees as it relates to their children’s education.

Education lawyers also represent parents and children who have been hurt, bullied, or treated unfairly by the school system. For example, if you think your child has been improperly suspended from school, an education attorney can help you determine if challenging the suspension is within your legal rights. If you think your child has not received all of the proper services under their IEP then an education lawyer is who you need to speak to.

If you are a teacher, principal or school employee and you believe you are being treated unfairly by your supervisor, then you need to speak to an education attorney.


At this time, an education lawyer may help you navigate the new requirements and restrictions related to COVID-19 protections and your child’s rights to an education. In addition, if you are a teacher or school employee and you have questions and concerns about your employment situations as they relate to COVID-19 requirements and restrictions then an Education Attorney is who you need to talk to about these matters. Call our Mobile-area office today at (251) 479-1477.

If you were in a 2 mile radius of the spill or if you had to shelter in place, we want to talk with you. Contact us NOW for a free consultation

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