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Mediation is a quick and efficient way to resolve disputes. Mediation may last a couple of hours or it can last over the course of several sessions. The nature and complexity of the conflict or dispute and the parties eagerness to talk, cooperate and reach a resolution effects the length of the mediation process. It allows you the opportunity to solve your own problems by encouraging effective solutions. In addition it allows:

  • A chance to be heard
  • A chance to develop new ways of thinking
  • A chance for the parties to develop their own solutions
  • A chance to settle disputes in a more cost effective way
  • A chance to have a say in what happens in the resolution of the dispute
  • Mediation is not just for cases headed to court
  • Mediation is a process that can be used in any number of disputes
    • Car accidents
    • Subdivision covenant disputes
    • Property line disputes
    • Property damage disputes
    • Family law issues
    • Child custody
    • Grandparent visitation
    • Child support
    • Co-worker disputes
    • Any conflict situation


A mediator helps the people involved in a dispute talk with each other about the conflict so each party can better understand why the conflict exists. As the facts and circumstances concerning the dispute are brought into the open, the mediator works with the parties to help discover possible ways the conflict can be resolved.

The mediator manages the mediation session but does not decide what should be done to solve the problem, the parties decide with the help of the mediator.

The people involved in the dispute decide for themselves what actions will occur, time frames, and other important details. The agreement is written by the mediator with the help of the parties, and is signed by all parties to the dispute.

Hernandez & Associates Law Firm, has two mediators on staff at the present time. Hernandez & Associates Law Firm, is equipped to handle family law mediation as well as other civil mediation needs. The public is welcome to consider mediation as an alternative to trial.

Hernandez & Associates Law Firm, mediation program encourages parties that want to settle their cases related to divorce, division of property, child custody, child support issues, grandparent visitation issues to consider mediation as a more cost effective way to resolve the dispute. The parties can each appear and represent themselves or they can bring their own lawyers. All parties in a dispute appear at the mediation meeting. Once an agreement is reached, all the necessary documents can be prepared and filed with the court. Generally, the parties split the cost of mediation.

Contact A Mediation Lawyer In Mobile, AL

Call us at (251) 479-1477 to set up a time to reserve your mediation time.

We are registered with the Alabama Center For Dispute Resolution.

There is a $100 non-refundable reservation fee. The fee may be applied to the overall cost of the mediation once completed.

Hernandez & Associates Law Firm offers a sliding scale for mediation based on income for the lower income members of our society. Both parties will need to bring in proof of income to qualify for a sliding scale mediation appointment. All mediation participants are also required to bring in a photo ID to mediation. At mediation the parties should have all of their documents related to the dispute.

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