Questions Concerning Insurance Claims for Small Businesses

If you have a commercial general liability policy, a general liability insurance policy, a property insurance policy, or any type of insurance policy covering your small business’s potential liability, you may have coverage related to the interruption of your business from COVID-19. Your policy may have business interruption coverage which is designed to provide coverage for when your business cannot operate due to certain triggering events. Similarly, your policy may have civil authority clauses which may provide coverage in the event that local civil authorities enter directives which prohibit your business from operating. Both types of coverages may be unique to your business and its needs.

Business affected the Coronavirus or COVID 19 may qualify to file property claims to recover losses. Examples may include:

  • Property damage:

Rental payments
Labor costs
Employee benefits

  • Lost business income
  • Other losses relation to business interruption

Let our firm evaluate to ensure you file claims for your covered losses. Do not lose out on compensation because you failed to identify every one of your covered losses. Our team can review your policy and your losses to make sure you exercise all your rights.
Further, do not agree to give the insurance company a statement or sign anything without speaking to us first. Insurers may try to devalue or minimize your claim or deny it outright.
We can help you file and manage your claims, respond to insurer requests, gather supporting evidence of your losses, and ensure you comply with all rules and regulations governing your property claims.
If an insurer offers you a settlement, call us before you agree.  We can help you negotiate with the insurer until we reach a fair settlement that adequately covers all your losses – property damage, inventory loss, business interruption, lost business income, and more.
Furthermore, if your business is affected by a local or statewide order requiring you to close your operations, call us to discuss your existing insurance coverages and figure out if such directives will trigger coverage for your small business.
Let us help assist your small business with reviewing your existing policies for potential coverage for a fair consultation fee. Further, if litigation is necessary, our firm can take such cases on an hourly fee basis or a contingency fee basis, depending on which fees are acceptable to your business model.

Call us today to find out if we can assist your business with its insurance claim questions related to COVID 19.

If you were in a 2 mile radius of the spill or if you had to shelter in place, we want to talk with you. Contact us NOW for a free consultation

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