At first glance, you might think a DUI charge is a bad mistake that you can pay off or serve time to go away. But even after jail or probation and paying fines and legal fees, there are lasting effects when you receive this type of criminal charge in Alabama.

Here are three long-term consequences both first-time and repeat offenders might come across:

  1. High insurance rates

Traffic violations and car accidents can lead to higher auto insurance rates and receiving a DUI is no different. When it’s noted on your record that you chose to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then you’ll probably have to be higher rates for as long as the DUI remains on your record. So, first-time DUI offenders in Alabama may experience higher rates for five years after receiving their charge.

  1. Transportation troubles

Just one DUI charge may leave you without a driver’s license for almost three months. And repeat offenders can expect even longer lengths of time without a driver’s license. If your main transportation method was driving yourself wherever you needed to go, then you will have to change up your routine to abide by the law. This might include investing in a new bike, learning how to use public transportation, riding with friends or all the above.

  1. Career plan changes

There are also a few different ways a DUI can put a damper on future career opportunities or goals. For example, if any part of your job requires you to drive, like truck driving or being a rideshare driver, you might not be able to stay on these career paths. And when a background check reveals a DUI conviction, you may find difficulty landing jobs in and outside of the transportation sector.

Both your personal and professional life may suffer several years after receiving a DUI charge. However, a criminal defense attorney can help seek ways to protect your rights.

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