There is some anecdotal evidence floating around in Mobile, Alabama, and the rest of the country which suggests that January is “Divorce Month,” with lots of couples going to the courthouse to ask for a divorce or a legal separation.

One study, which may require some further analysis, suggests that there is some truth to this common perception. It appeared from the results that, at least judging by one state, the number of divorce filings in January is much higher than those in December of the previous year and, for that matter, the prior October and November as well.

However, January is not the month that saw the most divorce filings. Instead, March, followed by August, were the busiest months for courts handling initial filings. After the August peak, the number of filings fell sharply and steadily until hitting a low point in December.

There are a number of reasons why this may be. Some have suggested that since the last months of the year include lots of holidays that are very important to children, a couple with kids will not want to upset their children with a split during this time.

Some have instead suggested that the reason filings are higher in the first eight months of the year is that, around these times, there are lots of last chance opportunities, like summer vacation, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and the like. During these times, a struggling couple may try to salvage their relationship.

For whatever reason, if a Mobile resident needs advice on issues like property division, child custody, child support and other family law issues, they should contact an attorney.

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