We live in a contemporary world. As such, families look quite different than they did in past decades. Our society largely embraces all types of families from same-sex parents to unmarried parents to adoptive parents. Often, these untraditional family units succeed where more conventional families fall apart.

Still, any family can reach a point where what once bound them together no longer offers enough cohesion to keep the ties that bind firmly in place. For these families, splitting up might be the most logical option. For married couples, a breakup does not typically threaten the relationship between a dad and his kids. However, these father/child relationships may be jeopardized for unmarried parents that decide to part ways.

In our time providing family law services to Mobile, AL, residents, we have learned that most fathers value their parent/child relationships. They want to preserve these bonds even after a split from the kids’ mother. Our state recognizes the importance of preserving father/child relationships. As such, it strives to protect dads and kids from alienation.

For example, in unmarried situations, it may be easier than you think to establish paternity legally. Often, it only takes a simple written statement to accomplish this critical goal. Other times, all a father must do is act as a father to his child by providing emotional and financial support for the law to protect his paternity.

Our family law attorneys urge all fathers who have never been married to their child’s mother to explore these issues, even if you are not in conflict. If you are having trouble establishing paternity and preserving your parental bonds, consider reaching out for legal counsel. You can also continue reviewing our family law web pages for more about these important topics.

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