As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, getting special help for a child with unique needs is not just a matter of making a quick phone call to the local school and explaining the situation.

There are laws and rules school systems must follow in order to ensure special needs children get the education which they deserve as a matter of right. Still, on a practical level, the public schools in Mobile can come across as bureaucratic and quite impersonal.

Whether this is due to staff burnout or just being too busy to help everyone, all too often, special needs students can get left on the margins of the educational system. This is of course not acceptable, but it can be very hard for a parent or a guardian to know where to turn within the system to get help for their child.

In this respect, the attorneys at our law office have the knowledge and experience to assist parents and others in helping their beloved children get full, unfettered access to the educational system so they can have a fair shot at a productive and happy adult life. Many of us are former educators or have other backgrounds in the educational system, so we have a unique perspective on how the system works and can thus better help our clients work through it.

Although we are of course ready to file suit for our clients and pursue litigation, we’ve learned from our experience that sometimes that is not the best option for our clients. We pride ourselves on resolving issues creatively, including by helping our clients help themselves or, in other cases, exploring options that do not involve a trip to court.

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