Custody disputes in Alabama are no fun for either parent, and their children will also endure some degree of stress from these disputes regardless of parental effort to shield them from the fallout. One strategy that can spare both parents and children some of the stress that comes with a custody issue is crafting a thorough parenting plan.


One function of a parenting plan is to detail the time each parent will spend with a child. Factors like children’s ages, their needs and the role each parent plays in childhood development will affect this plan. Successful plans are dependent on the parents’ willingness to set aside differences and maximize their time with children.

Parents who cannot agree on the scheduling issues affecting their children’s lives may have a judge decide these issues for them. The judge will always act in the best interest of the child when deciding on matters of custody. However, parents must remember that the judge does not have a personal relationship with the child or family. His or her decision is based only on the information given in court. This provides more incentive for parents to work together in determining scheduling solutions on their own.


A parenting plan can be as simple or detailed as needed for the family. These plans make it easier for parents to avoid potential conflict and provide an advanced framework for handling pertinent issues.

A parenting plan will allow parents to anticipate trouble spots and agree in writing on how to resolve them. Parents can discuss how the child will spend holidays, receive educational training and participate in religious activities. When devising a parenting plan, each parent should voice their opinions regarding the child’s life and development. Parents can also change these agreements if it becomes necessary. The only requirement is that both parents agree on the changes.

Parenting is never an easy job, and this job can become more complicated when a family is not under one roof. Individuals dealing with child custody or support issues as part of the divorce process may benefit from speaking with an attorney.

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