If you are due to appear in court, you may be nervous. Once the day finally arrives, you may be having feelings that dictate your behavior. Those same emotions apply whether you are on trial yourself or testifying as a witness.

Many factors in court can affect how you are feeling and how you behave based on those emotions at that time. Taking that one step further, the way that you look (including how you dress, body language, etc.) will create a perception for other people who are with you in court. That perception may go a long way to determining whether you succeed in that situation.


When it comes to the kind of impression you create in court, you should always keep in mind that you should behave respectfully to the court and to the people in the courtroom. This will be the driver for how you dress and how you behave. You will not want to bring any sort of negative attitude with you. You should appear polite and pleasant. If your behavior is in any way inappropriate and negative, you may find yourself held in contempt of court.

Undoubtedly, you do not want to find yourself locked up or having to pay a fine for something that you can easily control. It is entirely up to you whether you create a positive or a negative impression in court. The court is a place to be revered and, as an extension, everyone with whom you interact in court is deserving of the same reverence.


If you need to appear in court (for any one of several reasons), the advice of an experienced Alabama attorney may help you a great deal to understand exactly how you should present yourself to create a favorable impression. The attorney can advise you on how to dress and how to act so that your efforts in court are successful. They can also coach you on what to say and what not to say.

Having the support and advice of someone who has been in the situation that you are experiencing many time before may be invaluable. If you behave respectfully in court, you will hopefully be treated with respect in return.

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