Authorities in Alabama announced the seizure of two pounds of marijuana as well as over $70,000 in cash and some firearms in what they described as an ongoing investigation. The also arrested nine people in connection with their action, five of whom they were actively investigating for drug crimes. There were 9 other people who were being investigated but who were not detained in connection with this recent police raid.

The charges against those arrested varied widely. Some were charged with distribution of controlled substances, while others faced possession of marijuana charges. One woman also faced a charge related to child endangerment, and one person was arrested in connection with an alleged violation of his probation.

The raids happened at a Mobile apartment complex and involved the execution of more than one search warrant.

All of the people who were arrested are now looking at the possibility of jail time as well fines and strict terms of probation which can include mandatory drug testing and drug counseling. Additionally, some of these people are facing felony charges that can seriously impact their ability to find a job, get government housing and other benefits or pursue an education.

While police describe their raids in such terms that they are seen as open-and-shut cases, that is not necessarily the case. Many of these people may well have simply been at the wrong place at the wrong time, as they were apparently not even on the police’s radar until the raid happened. Moreover, the police must have followed the law at every step in their action, or the whole operation may be deemed invalid.

The bottom line is that these people may each have a good legal defense, and they should evaluate their case and their options with an experienced criminal law attorney with knowledge of the Mobile court system.

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