Recent studies suggest that Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996, are responsible for lowering the national divorce rate. Chances are they don’t know an all-powerful secret to obtain ever-lasting love.

However, these factors are likely contributors to a lower rate.

Education first

It’s no secret that more Millennials are enrolling in higher education. In fact, 40% of Millennial had a bachelor’s degree in 2016, while only 32% of Gen Xers had one in 2000 and a mere 26% of Baby Boomers had degrees in 1985.

While most students aren’t studying in the field of marriage and love, the four-year commitment to their education tends to push off the prospect of marriage.

Reach financial stability

Once almost half of all Millennials graduate from University, they usually intend to use their education to reach career goals. Research has indicated that money problems are a leading cause of divorce.

Focusing on career fulfillment allows Millennials to have more financial success before marriage, making money issues in the future far less likely.

Use a prenup

Researchers have also found that more Millennials get pre-nuptials agreements than previous generations. There is no evidence to necessarily link this to a more successful marriage. However, experts hypothesize that it may indicate a better financial understanding between couples.

Because women are most often the initiators of the agreement, we can deduce that they are more interested in protecting their assets. This may be because women now have more financial success than ever before. Millennials view their marriages more like a business agreement in which actual, substance loss is possible than in previous marriages that relied on a “bread-winner.”

Take your time

Most researchers attribute a lower Millennial divorce rate to the population’s lower number of marriages. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau found that in 2017, the average age Americans are when they get married is 27.4 years old for women and 29.5 years old for men.

Taking your time to get married might just decrease the number of marriages there are to divorce from. Or, it may give you more time to learn about who you are and find a life partner that’s right for you.

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