People in the Mobile area from all walks of life can find themselves facing serious drug charges. For instance, a high school student who may until that point have been an occasional user may get slapped with a criminal charge of drug possession, even for things like marijuana or a prescription pill.

In other cases, people can be accused of being part of a drug trafficking operation and can even find themselves looking at federal criminal charges, charge which, incidentally, often come with notoriously strict penalties.

Alabamans who are facing drug charges need a vigorous defense, and our law office offers that. We take pride in carefully sorting through the police’s case against a person and evaluating to be sure that the police conducting their drug investigation in a lawful manner. If it turns out the police did make a mistake in their investigation, we may be able to file an appropriate motion to have the evidence against a person suppressed, that is, disqualified from further use in the person’s case.

We also explore possible defenses to drug charges and, in the right situation, may be able to steer a person in to legal alternatives to a criminal conviction and sentence.

While confronting drug charges is an important part of our practice, we also handle a wide range of other criminal charges. From a basic DUI or domestic assault case all the way to serious sex crimes and murder charges, we are prepared to defend our client’s interests and have a track record of successfully doing so both in state and federal court.

If you were in a 2 mile radius of the spill or if you had to shelter in place, we want to talk with you. Contact us NOW for a free consultation

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Mobile Criminal Defense Lawyer | Family Law | Estate Planning

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